Friday, February 10, 2017

Down By The Seaside

                        Down By The Seaside
            A hundred frigate birds dip and soar overhead. Sun glints off the waves. Sailboats provide suitable backdrop in front of Bird Island.

A beautiful bride and groom, surrounded by family, repeat vows of matrimony on the beach. Three young flower girls, adorable in frothy white dresses with long pink sashes roll on the lawn. Nobody yanks them on their feet to “behave”. The bride’s train will be filled with sand so, in the bigger picture, what’s a few grass stains?

It’s a typical day at the Luna Palace. Kids splashing. Volley ball and soccer (modified  versions) in the sand. Swimming and surfing and fishing and simply walking the beach.

Up at five this morning, I left home at six, to catch the eight o’clock bus in Zapopan. I love to travel in luxurious comfort for the six-hour bus ride to Mazatlan. My lunch bag, provided gratis, had the requisite juice, water, chips and cookie but the lonche (sandwich) was missing. I’ve grown rather fond of the ham, cheese and jalapeno on a bun. My obstinate streak reared her head and refused to eat chips without my lonche.

            Carlos met me at the bus station in his sparkling “new” pulmonia, new motor, new wheels, new seats, new paint, new everything. After we hugged and caught up on family news, Carlos asked, “Where do you want to go?”

            “I’m starved. Around the corner to the bakery.” It’s the best bakery in Mazatlan, in my opinion. I bought too much, along with a lonche, but I’ll have goodies for my morning coffee. I can rationalize any bakery purchase.

            It’s nice to see people I know wherever I go. When I arrived at Luna Palace, Jesus met me to take my bag to my room, “Welcome back. We haven’t seen you for a while.” Jorge yelled, “Hola, Sondra,” from down by the pool. Isabel gave me a hug.

I walked down the street to buy a bag of coffee for morning. First I saw Alexandro and visited him a while. Next I saw Don and Albert, having their afternoon happy hour drink at El Paraje. I joined them for a chat. Arranged to have lunch with Don and Dorothy tomorrow. Just passing the time of day.

Finally, got to Oxxo and bought a bag of over-priced coffee grounds, packaged special for touristas. No matter, in the morning, I’ll enjoy every tourista sip.

Every day brings the unexpected. Coffee—bueno.  E-mail—mal. Denise sent a picture of Don hooked up to every unimaginable device in the hospital. Don, preparing for their trip to the airport, tumbled down the stairway. This is no small thing. He hurt his head, front and back and damaged an already damaged spine. Denise and Don were due to join me in Mazatlan this afternoon.

I am hugely disappointed. Selfishly. I looked forward to having them all to myself for a week of exploration, of introducing Mazatlan and lots of good conversation. I cancelled their room, the room with the best view of all, three floors above me. Tomorrow I’ll walk over to Dr. Paty’s office and cancel Don’s dental work.

I shall fill this week with friends and outings. But it won’t be the same without Denise and Don. Next week Jesse, Sharon, Jerry, Lola, Karen and Luana will join me. I wanted to say, “will join us.”

Stay off the stairs! And, please, no plagues, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis or falling off the edge of the world.

Think I’ll go sit on the beach, try to hear what the little fish say.

Sondra Ashton
HDN: Looking out my back door

February 9, 2017

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